Leisure Calvi


Calvi is one of the main towns in the Balagne area. Situated at the foot of an impressive mountain range and facing the Calvi Gulf with more than 7 kilometres of fine sandy beaches, Calvi offers you everything for an extraordinary holiday:
- Her imposing Citadel dating from the 13th century
- Her port receiving boats of any size
- Her portside with many lovely restaurants and bars
- Her shopping area with nice boutiques and luxury shops
- Her beautiful fine sandy beaches with an amazing view of the Citadel and the town
- Her water sports station (windsurfing, scuba diving, sailing etc.)
- Her many possibilities for horseback riding, hiking, biking, parasailing and other ways of discovering this magnificent region
- Her proximity to an impressive mountain range reaching up to over 2000 meters with well indicated hiking paths including the GR20

Everywhere in the Balagne area you will find authentic Corsican villages, inviting you to sample the life of olden days. The life of shepherds, peasants and farmers, wine, olive and fruit growers.

The Balagne is an active region where all through the season you will find festivals such as the wind festival (Festiventu) and concerts of Corsican polyphonic music, jazz, Calvi on the Rocks and more.